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DIY Cultures

"A wonderful day of positivity, with a really strong, engaged female presence; I felt proud to be a woman, and an artist and maker on Sunday"

Stall Applications for DIY Cultures 2014 NOW OPEN!

Call for Zines, Artists books, Illustrators, Comics, Distros

The Rich Mix will be hosting the second DIY Cultures: Zines, Artists Books and Comics on the 25th May 2014!

Tables are nine pounds but spaces are limited. To book a stall please contact diycultureszac@gmail.com with the following info:

- Who are you and what do you do?

- Where are you based?

- What kind of zines would you have at your table?

- What’s your price range? Would you be up for swaps?

- If you have a web page, please share it with us.

There will be a FREE communal table for people with one-off zines to sell. Bring your zines on the day!

Workshops: We aim to have a small selection of workshops exploring zines and other world views plus a small program of practical zine-based workshop. If you’d like to run a workshop, talk or other activity, please email diycultureszac@gmail.com with the following details

- Who are you, what do you do and where are you based?
- What is the title and general content of your workshop?
- What would your workshop involve participants doing?
- Would you be able to cover the budget of your workshop?
- Do you have any special requirements, or anything else you’d like to add?
- If you have a web page, please share it with us.

Places are limited so if you’d like a stall you’d better let us know soon!

DEADLINE: March 28th 2014

Thank you

OOMK Zine and Other Asias

→ oomk zine: DIY for Life

oomkzine:imageBy Heiba Lamara

On Sunday 7th April the Rich Mix in Shoreditch played host to the first day-long DIY Cultures Festival. The venue was packed out with zine stalls, artists’ books, comics, crafts, talks, workshops, films, video-art and music. Organised by OOMK and Other Asias, it incorporated…

→ oomk zine: Collar Making with DIY Couture


By Sofia Niazi

As co-organizers of DIY Cultures us OOMKs were all too keen to get some of our favorite sewing ladies on board. From patch making with Hannah Hill to felt needling with Ceri May there were lots of great workshops throughout the day for people to get stuck into and learn new…


Ziney Babies

We had a table at DIY Cultures this Sunday. It was a stonking event and excitingly our most popular item was the EATING FOOD IS RIGHT zine!

The final print outs were atrocious, as we put our money and our faith into Georgio at the cheapest printers in London, but our mirth shone through the botched photocopies and was a breakaway success with punters. Items on our stall were described as ‘Very rude’, ‘Disgusting’ and ‘Beautiful’ - which warmed our hearts.

We were shy and awkward for a few hours in, but then we got into it (ale helped) and our faces hurt from smiling at people that came to our stall - to a possible creepy effect. We really didn’t expect to be as successful as we were, being both newbies to tabling at a zine fair and being socially retarded in equal measures…but we made enough to have burgers and fries at The Diner afterward.

We were starving and deranged as we packed up at 6pm, we’d just had 2 ales and half a bag of beef jerky each over the course 7 hours, and had been been spurred on by the adrenaline of the fair and the fact that we were sitting down for prolonged periods - our arses hurt like crazy afterward.

We got our famished arses to The Diner and I (Jabbo) ordered a simple cheese burger with Monterrey jack cheese with fries and Bobbo ordered a burger that had pulled pork on it with extra volcanoes on the side, and fries. Whomp!

If you’d like a copy of Eating Food Is Right - PAPER EDITION - message us and we shall make it so!