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Call for Zines, Artists books, Illustrators, Comics, Distros

The Rich Mix will be hosting the first DIY Cultures: Zines, Artists Books and Comics on the 7th April 2013!

Tables are five pounds but spaces are limited. To book a stall please contact diycultureszac@gmail.com with the following info:

- Who are you and what do you do?

- Where are you based?

- What kind of zines would you have at your table?

- What’s your price range? Would you be up for swaps?

- If you have a web page, please share it with us.

There will be a FREE communal table for people with one-off zines to sell. Bring your zines on the day!

Workshops: We aim to have a small selection of workshops exploring zines and other world views plus a small program of practical zine-based workshop. If you’d like to run a workshop, talk or other activity, please email diycultureszac@gmail.com with the following details

- Who are you, what do you do and where are you based?
- What is the title and general content of your workshop?
- What would your workshop involve participants doing?
- Would you be able to cover the budget of your workshop?
- Do you have any special requirements, or anything else you’d like to add?
- If you have a web page, please share it with us.

Places are limited so if you’d like a stall you’d better let us know soon!
Thank you

DEADLINE: February 28th 2013

OOMK Zine and Other Asias 

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