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Workshop 3# Patch Making with Girls Get Busy and Hanecdote

About- Hanecdote and Girls Get Busy are teaming up to bring creativity to your fingertips! We’ll be running a workshop to teach you the basic sewing skills you need for embroidery by making a feminist logo patch. This hour long workshop will take you on a journey through embroidery, equipping you for DIY projects in the future. 

Founded and curated by Beth Siveyer; Girls Get Busy is a feminist collective that supports female-identified artists, writers & musicians through their blog, online distro and monthly zine. GGB have also hosted various events in the past such as zine parties, workshops and exhibitions - as well as hosting their very own feminist zine fest last summer.
Hanecdote is a textiles business run by Hannah Hill, a textiles artist who is inspired by youth culture, body positivity and music. Hanecdote focusses on creating hand embroidered patches and brooches, as well as screen printed tshirt of original designs.

Website- www.girlsgetbusyzine.tumblr.com and www.hanecdote.tumblr.com/

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